5 Benefits of Investing In High-Quality Prescription Swim Goggles 

Many swimmers are no strangers to eye irritation, which often results from swimming in chlorinated water with the naked eye. It turns out that there are many other side effects of chlorine on the body. These include skin rash, dry skin, and skin infections like acne and eczema.  

But chlorine isn’t the only compound that can hurt your eyes and skin. There could be many other hazardous chemicals, depending on where you go swimming.  

One of the most effective ways to minimize the adverse effects on the eyes caused by harmful compounds in water is to invest in prescription swim goggles. This article delves into the five benefits of purchasing high-quality prescription swim goggles. 

What Are Prescription Goggles? 

Prescription goggles are swim goggles designed with prescription lenses. These goggles are perfect for people who wear prescription glasses but would rather not hit the pool with their regular glasses for fear of losing or damaging them.  

Prescription goggles resemble regular swim goggles. The difference is that they come with prescription lenses to help you see clearly in the water.  

In other words, prescription swim goggles can be worn both in and out of water. They help correct various refractive errors, including nearsightedness (myopia) and farsightedness (hyperopia). The good news is that there are numerous outlets where you can find the best prescription swim goggles.  

Why Invest In High-quality Prescription Swim Goggles? 

1. Improved Vision 

This is unarguably the primary reason to switch from regular swim goggles to prescription goggles.  

As already mentioned, prescription swim goggles are designed with prescription lenses that let you see clearly while swimming. These goggles are especially useful for people with vision impairment. They ensure you don’t give up on your swimming hobby simply because you’re myopic or hyperopic.  

Having a pair of prescription swim goggles also means you won’t need to wear your regular prescription glasses while swimming. This reduces the risks of those glasses getting lost or damaged in the water.  

Visually impaired professional swimmers are perhaps the biggest beneficiaries of prescription swim goggles. The products can be instrumental in helping athletes with orientation and navigation. Besides, pro swimmers can easily spot turns and other markers required to gain a competitive advantage.   

2. Better Customization 

Not only are prescription swim goggles excellent at improving vision underwater. These products can also be tailored to the wearer’s needs and specifications.  

First, you should only obtain prescription goggles after careful examination by an optometrist. Prescriptions will depend strictly on your specific visual impairment.  

Another aspect of customization is fitting. Armed with a lens prescription received from your optometrist, you’ll head to an optician’s clinic to be fitted with the correct lenses and frames.  

Opticians understand that swimmers have different face contours. So, they’ll help you pick a pair of prescription goggles that’s both useful underwater and beautiful on your face.   

3. Increased Comfort 

As a visually-impaired professional swimmer, one of the worst experiences is hitting the pool with an improperly-fitting pair of goggles. Poorly fitted goggles mean you have to keep adjusting them underwater. This can affect your concentration while training and even cause you to lose to your opponents during a swimming competition.  

Fortunately, this is another area where prescription swim goggles can save the day.  

Prescription swim goggles are designed to be comfortable, no matter whether you’re a recreational or competitive swimmer. The goggles come with flexible straps to prevent them from digging back into your eyes and causing irritation. They also include soft padding to prevent chafing of the skin area they’re in contact with.  

Most importantly, many prescription goggles today feature a wraparound design. Once worn, you’ll never have to worry about the goggles coming off inadvertently.  

4. More Durability 

Prescription swim goggles are considerably more durable than regular swim goggles. That’s mainly due to the material used in their construction.  

Glass and polycarbonate are the go-to materials for making prescription swim goggles.  

While glass offers greater optical clarity, polycarbonate stands out for being more impact-resistant. The material can absorb a significant amount of shock if you accidentally smash your goggles against the blocks or other concrete surfaces around the swimming pool.  

UV protection is another key benefit of polycarbonate. The material is also incredibly lightweight. You can wear prescription swim goggles made from polycarbonate without the feeling of extra baggage weighing you down.  

5. Anti-glare Protection 

Some prescription swim goggles come with polarized lenses designed to minimize glare from the sun and water.  

Polarized lenses feature built-in technology that acts as a curtain, filtering out scattered sunlight or light emitted by other surfaces like water. They’re especially useful when swimming in large water bodies, which are known to reflect a significant amount of light.  

Reducing glare is one of the many ways prescription swim goggles with polarized lenses improve your vision while swimming.  

These lenses also minimize the risks of permanent damage to the eyes caused by glaring lights. They’re an indispensable accessory for any pro swimmer. 

Wrap up 

Prescription swim glasses offer numerous benefits over and above regular swim goggles. We hope you can now shop for these swimming essentials from a point of information shared above.  

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