A Pre-Approval is Always a Good Idea 

Buying a home is one of the most exciting yet stressful processes anyone can undertake. With so many plates in the air, it’s critical for buyers to set themselves up for success from the very beginning. For this reason, a mortgage pre-approval before starting a home search is so important.

That little pre-approval letter provides buyers with clarity on their budget, demonstrates seriousness to sellers and their real estate agent, strengthens purchase offers, smooths the closing process, and can even lock in lower interest rates. Taking this vital first step positions savvy home buyers to find the right house with less hassle.

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Shows Sellers You’re Serious

When sellers receive an offer from a buyer who has been pre-approved, they know that the buyer has already been vetted by a lender. This gives the seller confidence that you actually have the financing available and are ready to move forward with the purchase. Unapproved buyers are much more likely to run into issues securing a loan, which can delay closing or lead to the deal falling through altogether.

Know Your Price Limit

Meeting with a lender for pre-approval provides you with a pre-approval letter that states the maximum home loan amount you qualify for. This allows you to only look at homes that are within your approved price range. Looking at cheaper homes wastes valuable house-hunting time while looking at more expensive homes sets you up for disappointment when you can’t actually afford them. The pre-approval process matches your budget to your home shopping.

Offer More Attractive to Sellers

Sellers often receive multiple offers from interested buyers. All things being equal, a seller is much more likely to accept an offer from a buyer who has been pre-approved versus one who hasn’t taken that step yet. Getting pre-approved signals to sellers that you have the financial means to follow through with your offer. This gives you a competitive advantage in negotiations.

Fewer Closing Obstacles

The pre-approval process allows the lender to assess your financial situation completely – including income, debts, assets, and credit history. This is the bulk of the scrutiny you will face from the lender. Having satisfied the lender early on means fewer surprises arise before closing that could derail the loan. The path to final mortgage approval goes much smoother.

Lock In Lower Rates

Interest rates can fluctuate frequently, and when they rise it means higher costs for home buyers. Lenders may offer rate locks to buyers they have pre-approved as protection from increasing rates. This allows you to secure lower interest rates even if general rates go up during your home search. Going through pre-approval early is the best way to take advantage of this benefit.

Getting pre-approved by a lender before looking for a home has multiple advantages for buyers. It signals to sellers you can obtain financing, aligns your budget to your home search, makes your offers more attractive, avoids closing surprises, and lets you lock in lower interest rates. Taking this critical first step will pay dividends throughout your home-buying journey.

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