Celebrate Your Love and The Environment with Plantable Wedding Invitations in Australia

Planning a wedding is a journey filled with decisions that reflect your love and values. If you’re a nature lover and an advocate for sustainability, choosing eco-friendly options for your wedding is a wonderful way to make your special day even more meaningful. One eco-conscious choice gaining popularity is the use of plantable wedding invitations in Australia. These unique invitations set the tone for a green wedding contribute to reforestation efforts, and leave a lasting memory for your guests. In this article, we’ll explore the world of plantable seed paper wedding invitations in Australia, showcasing their beauty, benefits, and where you can find them.

The Charm of Plantable Wedding Invitations

Plantable wedding invitations are a creative and sustainable alternative to traditional paper invitations. These invitations are made from special seed paper that contains seeds of various flowers, herbs, or trees. When your guests receive these invitations and plant them in soil, they have the potential to grow into beautiful plants or flowers. It’s a thoughtful way to share your love for the environment while creating lasting memories.

Eco-Friendly Wedding Invitations in Australia

The diverse landscapes and rich biodiversity make it an ideal place to embrace eco-friendly wedding invitations in Australia. By choosing plantable seed paper wedding invitations, you can actively contribute to the conservation of Australia’s unique flora and fauna. As these invitations grow into plants, they enhance the country’s natural beauty and provide essential habitat for local wildlife.

Benefits of Plantable Wedding Invitations

Sustainability: Plantable invitations are crafted from recycled paper embedded with seeds, making them an eco-conscious choice. Traditional wedding invitations often end up in landfills, while plantable invitations have the potential to bloom into life.

Memorability: Your wedding is a special day that you want your guests to remember forever. Plantable wedding invitations leave a lasting impression as they grow into vibrant reminders of your love and commitment.

Customisation: Plantable seed paper wedding invitations offer a wide range of customisation options. You can choose the type of seeds you’d like, the design, and even add a personal touch like your wedding date or a heartfelt message.

Supporting Local Artisans: Many companies in Australia specialise in creating plantable wedding invitations. By choosing these options, you’re supporting local artisans and businesses that share your commitment to eco-friendliness.

Popular Seed Choices for Plantable Invitations

Native Wildflowers: Embrace Australia’s native beauty by choosing invitations embedded with seeds of local wildflowers. Your guests can enjoy the sight of blooming native flora in their gardens.

Herbs: Plantable invitations with herb seeds are a practical and delightful choice. Your guests can grow herbs like basil, mint, or lavender and use them in their cooking or as fragrant home decor.

Eucalyptus Trees: Eucalyptus trees are iconic in Australia, known for their unique beauty and contribution to the environment. Opt for invitations with eucalyptus seeds to support reforestation efforts.

Tips for Sending Plantable Wedding Invitations

Provide Planting Instructions: Include clear and concise instructions with your invitations to ensure that your guests know how to plant the seed paper.

Select Appropriate Seeds: Consider the climate and region where your guests live when choosing the type of seeds for your invitations. This will increase the chances of successful growth.

RSVP Responsibly: Since plantable invitations are often more expensive than traditional ones, request RSVPs through email or phone to reduce paper usage.


Plantable wedding invitations in Australia offer a beautiful way to express your love and commitment while being eco-conscious. They reflect your values and provide a memorable experience for your guests. By choosing these invitations, you’re not just celebrating your love; you’re contributing to the preservation of Australia’s natural beauty. So, as you plan your special day, consider making it even more special by choosing plantable seed card wedding invitations that leave a lasting, eco-friendly impression.

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