How to Avoid Neck Pain: Choosing the Best Pillow for Neck Pain

Neck pain is a common problem affecting millions of people worldwide. While many ignore it during the initial stages, the pain may become excruciating and cause extreme discomfort. Though the reason for neck pain is not always clear, the good old pillow may be the culprit if you are waking up every day with a stiff neck.

It’s quite surprising how people overlook some simple aspects in the milieu of their busy lives. A poor pillow causes misalignment between your head, neck, and spine regions. What starts off as neck pain can result in nagging headaches and soon spread to your back. The right pillow ensures proper alignment by supporting your neck and spine.

But what are the general causes of neck pain? How can you save yourself from the terrible ordeal of aches and sleepless nights? This article gives a roundup of all the essential things to help you choose the best pillow for neck pain.

Common Neck Pain Causes

There are several reasons that cause pain in the neck. Poor posture is chief among them. You may not notice how your body slouches or droops while you are busy during the day. Spending long hours working or studying without any bodily movement can take a severe toll on your neck/head. ‘Tech neck’ or increasing digital time can make your neck stiff and sore.

Poor posture is not restricted to daytime alone. It is important to hold your neck in a neutral position while you are resting. Frequently tossing and turning during sleep makes it difficult to keep your neck properly positioned. A wrong mattress, poor sleep habits, and improper sleeping positions can result in neck, back, and shoulder pain. You may even accidentally jerk or twist your neck when you move during sleep. 

Though it may seem trivial, a plain pillow may also have a key role in perpetuating your neck pain. Sleeping on the wrong pillow for around 8 hours every day can create muscle tension and strain. Lack of proper support for your neck and shoulders during sleep causes neck pain by affecting your spinal alignment. A wrong pillow does not offer the desired pressure relief and affects your sleep quality too.

Choosing the right neck pillows for sleeping can easily alleviate neck pain, stiffness, and headaches. Sleepwell offers pillows in a wide range of premium materials that provide soothing relief to your neck and spine.

How to Choose the Best Pillow for Neck Pain?

Before you consult your doctor or start popping some pills, try changing your pillow immediately. The right pillow can work wonders and keep your troubles at bay. There are several pillow types in the market with different materials and firmness levels. Here are some great tips to help you choose the best pillow for neck pain.

1) Choose the Right Pillow Size

A wrong pillow size can make you feel uneasy and not let you enjoy a sound sleep. The pillows are usually available in large, medium, and small sizes. The right pillow size depends on your body size and shape. Medium-sized pillows are suitable for most people. But people with a hefty build undoubtedly need larger pillows. You can choose smaller pillows for young children.

If none of these standard sizes suit you, then you can get custom-made pillows. Sleepwell has a range of personalized pillow sets that are thoughtfully designed to match your specific comfort requirements.

2) Check the Height of the Pillow

Buyers often ignore the height when they are shopping for pillows. Having a pillow of the right height is crucial to removing neck pain and getting pain-free sleep. The right pillow is never too fat or flat. Pillows that are too long or too short cause enormous stress to your neck muscles. Please ensure that the height of the pillow is appropriate for a comfortable sleep. Further, the firmness level of your mattress also influences your pillow choice.

3) Examine Your Sleeping Position

Your sleeping position indicates what kind of support is required for your neck and spine. Different pillow types are now available in the market. The right neck pillow for neck pain is the one that can adjust to your sleeping position.

Cervical neck pillows are ideal for side sleepers. They are firm and provide additional support around your head and shoulders. Back sleepers can choose thin and soft pillows to effectively support their neck and spine. Flat and soft pillows are also well-suited for stomach sleepers. They keep the neck in a neutral position without stretching the head.

4) Neck Support is Crucial

Neck pillows for sleeping should provide the right support to your neck curve. This feature helps to prevent pain and stiffness by keeping the neck region well-supported during sleep. Regular pillows may not be suitable for people who are prone to body aches. Irrespective of whether you are a back sleeper or a side sleeper, the pillow should support your neck and back while you are sleeping.

5) Check the Pillow Filling

Yes, the pillow filling does matter. A good-quality pillow does not sag or slump with regular usage. There are several types of pillow fill available today. Latex, memory foam, polyester, fiber, and feathers are some of the common ones. It is important for the pillow to suit your sleeping style. A memory foam pillow helps to relieve pressure points by adapting to your sleeping position. The Sleepwell Neck Care pillow is a great buy for pillow shoppers. It takes the shape of your neck and provides gentle snug support.


A wrong pillow choice is one of the primary reasons for neck pain. People who suffer from neck pain should take extra precautions while buying pillows. It is not advisable to compromise on quality over pricing. A poor pillow does more harm than good to your body and also affects your sleep. Buying the best pillow for neck pain is an investment that reaps immense health benefits.

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