How to Fix Canon L11121E Printing Issues in Google Sheets?

If you experience print issues with Google Sheets, especially when you need to print your data, it can be frustrating. Numerous factors, including momentary glitches, out-of-date drivers, weak connections, and problems with your browser, may lead to this issue.

In this blog, we will try to solve these issues using some methods. So, without further ado, let’s start.

1. Try These Introductory Methods

Here are a few easy steps that can assist you in resolving the Canon L11121E Printer problem in Google Sheets before moving forward to the more complicated part.

  • Check the printer wires – You have to ensure that all of the cables are properly linked because you cannot use your device until your printer is correctly linked to it.
  • Restart and reattach the printer – It may be possible to resolve any temporary difficulties or issues stopping the printer from operating properly by restarting it. Additionally, by reconnecting the printer and the device, you can fix any communication problems that may have formed as a result of the errors.
  • Change browser – In some situations, the issue may be particular to the browser you currently utilize for opening Google Sheets. You can try using a different browser to see if the error appears there and if this is the case.

These basic methods will assist you in removing some of the most common and simple printing issues. You can also try the next solution if the issue still exists after trying the above methods.

2. Updating Drivers

Outdated printer drivers might also cause printing problems. The printer drivers that are installed on your device may not be able to successfully connect with the most recent versions of Google Sheets or your operating system in the case of this specific error. The issue may arise because they are unable to support the most recent printing options or formats that Google Sheets utilizes.

Updating the drivers is the simplest way to solve such driver-related issues. Using the Device Manager tool in the Windows operating system, one can update the drivers. However, macOS often manages printer driver upgrades through the website of the printer manufacturer or by automatic updating. Update the latest Canon L11121E Printer Driver to skip errors and issues.

Here is the steps to update the printer driver from the device manager

Step 1:- Right-click on your taskbar and select the device manager from the shown options.

Step 2:- Click Printers or Print queues after opening Device Manager.

Step 3:- Now, select the Update driver option from the shown option.

Step 4:- Now, select Search automatically for updated driver software.

Step 5:- Wait until Windows finishes finding, downloading, and installing the drivers for your device.

Step 6:- In the last step, restart your PC.

Additionally, if this solution does not work out for you or you find this method complicated, you can try using any third-party driver updater software to update the drivers automatically.

3. Turn Off The Browser Extensions

As already mentioned, the particular browser one is using can be the cause of the printing problem. It’s possible that the extensions downloaded in the default web browser are the cause of the issue. If one tries using a different browser, the issue might disappear.

When the extensions disagree with the program or the printing process, this can happen. You can try deactivating the extensions for some time to fix this and see if it resolves the problem.

4. Updating Browser

The next thing you should attempt if removing the extensions doesn’t resolve the issue is to update your browser.

This is because the browser updates include fixes for known printing issues and bug fixes. Additionally, it can help fix any problems that might be causing the printer error by making the browser more compatible with web apps like Google Sheets.

5. Activate the Printer Troubleshooter

If you are using Windows and are having this problem, use the printer troubleshooter, a tool developed by Microsoft to identify and resolve problems with installed printers.

Windows includes a built-in program that searches your system to find related underlying problems. The troubleshooter will inform you of any issues they discover and offer suggestions for how to resolve them.

To continue, stick to these steps:

  • To launch the Settings app, press the Win + I keys together.
  • Go to System > Troubleshoot from the menu.
  • Select Other troubleshooters by clicking.
  • You will see a listing of all the troubleshooting tools available in the window that appears after that. Click the Run button for the Printer Troubleshooter after finding it.
  • Watch for the printer to finish scanning. Be patient, because it may take some time if the problem is complex.
  • Further, check the results after the scan is complete. Click the Apply this fix option if the troubleshooter has found a problem and offered a fix.


You should be able to resolve the printing problem with Google Sheets by following the above-mentioned methods. Moreover, It is crucial to handle this issue systematically and begin by eliminating every possible cause one at a time. Additionally, if it doesn’t work, seek guidance from Google.

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