Get More from Your Thumper Fab with a Long Travel Suspension

A long travel suspension can transform your Thumper Fab into an off-road dominating machine ready to tackle the most demanding trails. If you’re looking to upgrade your Fab’s suspension for maximum performance, travel and capability, here are the key benefits and ideal uses for going long:

Increase Travel Range

The most obvious benefit is increasing the Fab’s suspension travel distance. Long travel kits allow up to 18-20 inches of wheel travel on a Thumper, compared to the stock 10-12 inches. This additional travel range allows the wheels to better absorb impacts from harsh terrain by extending the shock stroke length. The extra travel soaks up big hits and provides enhanced traction.

Maintain Stable Geometry

Longer travel suspensions utilize links and brackets to maintain proper suspension geometry throughout the travel range. This retains stable handling and precision steering even at full compression. Correct geometry prevents undesirable traits like suspension jack or chassis roll. The Fab continues to carve turns predictably despite the increased travel.

Long Travel Suspension

Climb Obstacles

The extra inches of wheel travel enable the Thumper to crawl up and over larger obstacles without bottoming out the suspension. Your Fab can traverse rocks, logs and steep inclines that would stop shorter travel rigs in their tracks. The extended droop allows wheels to maneuver over obstacles for increased clearance.

Descend Steep Grades

Long travel gives you the capability and confidence to descend extreme grades while maintaining control. The plush travel range smooths out big impacts when barreling down rugged hills. The Fab’s low center of gravity combined with supple long travel suspension inspires precise handling even at speed over harsh terrain.

Superior Traction & Control

By allowing wheels to better conform to the terrain, long travel suspension enhances contact patch and available traction, especially in rocky, jagged conditions. This improves acceleration, braking and cornering grip. The Fab flexes to find traction for traveling through sections that make stiff, short travel rigs struggle.

Higher Speed in Rough Terrain

The extra wheel travel range provided by a long travel suspension allows the Thumper Fab to maintain momentum and speed through rough, jagged terrain that would force a short travel rig to slow down. By absorbing harsh impacts from rocks, holes, and uneven ground, the long travel suspension smooths out the ride. This cushioning effect enables the driver to maintain throttle input and barrel through rough sections.

Cushion Heavy Loads

When carrying heavier loads like tools or equipment in the Thumper, the long travel suspension helps cushion the added weight. The travel soaks up cargo mass and prevents a stiff, overloaded ride. Extended travel prevents bottoming with a heavier bed payload.

Reduce Driver Fatigue

Long travel suspension smooths out the roughest off-road terrain to help reduce driver fatigue. The plush ride characteristics and impact damping minimizes harsh jolts and chassis disruption that can wear you down on long off-road excursions. Extended travel equals less abuse for your rig and body.

Match Larger Tires

Oversized, maximum traction tires require more travel to avoid tire-to-body contact when fully compressed. Long travel kits allow running massive 35″ tires or even larger without clearance issues throughout the entire suspension cycle. Big meats matched with long travel is a formidable combination.

For Thumper Fab owners looking to conquer demanding trails with greater speed, control and ruggedness, upgrading to a properly engineered long travel suspension delivers enhanced capability. The additional inches of wheel travel unlock the Fab’s full potential for both play and work in the most unforgiving terrain.

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