Relay Clone On-demand Driver App: Disrupt Traditional Parcel Delivery Methods like a Pro  

Building a mobile app for parcel delivery is not uncommon these days. Today, people prefer to use apps for almost everything, be it grocery shopping, booking a taxi, or sending a parcel. With just one click on apps like Relay, people can hire parcel delivery drivers and send anything they want from one place to another. 

Who could have imagined getting such conveniences on their mobile phone? Well, the trust is that people are rapidly opting for on-demand apps for sending goods from X to Y points in the city. Would you believe that the US courier and delivery market had almost hit $151.6 billion in 2022?  

USA’s couriers and local delivery services industry is growing rapidly. Similarly, the global market has also been greatly impacted by the growing need for on-demand parcel delivery services. 

Therefore, one can firmly say that people are looking for modern-day parcel delivery services, making traditional methods almost ‘obsolete’. 

Benefits of a Parcel Delivery App like Relay 

Launching a Realy Clone, the on-demand parcel delivery driver app, you can leverage several benefits. 

Allows users to track the package 

An on-demand app, in-built with the latest GPS technologies helps you provide a more convenient way for your users to track their parcels in real time. 

Such convenience boosts customer experiences and helps you create stronger relationships. In return, stronger relationships will build loyal customers, ultimately enabling you to generate handsome revenues. 

No need to find local providers 

Using an on-demand app allows users to skip all the hassles of finding local providers who can deliver their parcels from X to Y locations in the city. 

In short, by using your app, users don’t have to worry about going through directories or Googling the best parcel delivery drivers. By simply entering the location, users can get a list of all the nearby on-demand drivers. 

Read reviews before hiring a driver 

Your users can also read reviews and see the ratings given by other users before hiring a driver. By going through all the ratings, reviews, and the entire profile of the drivers, your users can easily find the best drivers for the job. 

This way they no longer have to ask around other people for recommendations. 

How Can You Disrupt Traditional Parcel Delivery with Relay Clone? 

Using the on-demand driver app, you can disrupt the traditional parcel delivery methods in the following ways: 

Offer same-hour delivery

Sounds interesting, right? On-demand driver apps like Relay can help your users leverage same-hour delivery services. 

Unlike traditional parcel delivery services, which often take several days or hours to deliver a package, the app helps to get quick assistance. 

The moment the user books the service, the app sends the request to a nearby driver. The driver then arrives at the user’s location to pick up the package. The package is delivered within minutes to the desired address. 

People love such quick services, so they are ready to book services on the app and pay the price in return for convenience. 

Let’s users book services with ease 

Compared to manually calling a service provider, checking the free slots, and getting quotes, it’s easier to register on an app and get the job done. 

Using your application, it will take your customers only a few clicks to book an on-demand driver and send their package. 

Users can select the type of package they want to send, choose the cargo vehicle of their choice, and book the service. That’s how easy it is for them to send food packages, furniture, fragile items, etc., from one location in the city to another. 

Additionally, the Relay Clone app allows users to log in using Face ID and Fingerprint Scanning, make online payments, track the package, Provide feedback, and so on. 

Doorstep service

Traditionally, users had to take the parcel to the provider to send the courier or place a special request to get the item picked up from their home or office. 

In contrast to that, on-demand delivery services enable users to get doorstep pick-up and drop-off. 

Added security

Traditionally, the receiver had to sign the document to receive the package, which often led to fraudulent activities. 

However, if the user books the service on an app like Relay, the parcel will not be delivered until and unless the receiver enters the correct OTP sent to their number. 

Put simply, users no longer have to worry about getting their parcel delivered to the wrong address. 

Build a Relay Clone for Same-City Parcel Delivery Services 

If you are looking for an easy way to build your on-demand driver app, you must opt for a white-label solution. 

White-label solutions are one of the most popular ways to start an online parcel delivery business. 

These solutions refer to parcel delivery apps that are pre-built by experts and rebranded before being sold to entrepreneurs like you. 

When building white-label solutions, the experts ensure that they are easy to customize and rebrand with the entrepreneur’s brand name, logo, color theme, etc. 

Why are these solutions popular? They save you time and money because they are pre-built. 

Therefore, instead of developing apps from scratch, white-label apps can be customized and launched in 1-2 weeks. 

Practically, there are three steps you need to follow to launch your Relay Clone using a ready-made solution: 

Add your logo and color theme 

You can add your company’s logo to the app and also change the color theme to match your branding. 

Also, at this stage, you can integrate the features you want into your Relay-like on-demand driver app. 

Customizing the pre-built solution as per your branding will allow you to launch a unique solution and differentiate yourself from competitors. 

Submit on app stores 

After customization, the professionals submit your on-demand app to the App Stores. After submission, the app undergoes a thorough inspection to ensure that it follows all the app development guidelines set by Android and IOS. 

Once it passes the review, the app is available for download. Depending on the smartphone OS, users can go to the Google Play Store or Apple App Store, search for the app, and download it. 

Manage the business operations 

Simultaneously, as an entrepreneur, you can manage your entire business using the admin panel. 

From the admin dashboard, you can easily manage the sign-up requests from the delivery providers, change the commission charges, send messages to users, etc. 

Ready to Launch Your Relay Clone Parcel Delivery App?

There are many ways to disrupt the traditional parcel delivery market, but creating a mobile app for on-demand Delivery services is the best of all. 

Leverage the latest white-label solutions to offer your users new delivery options and create a more convenient, efficient, and affordable service for all. 

Using the app, you can easily draw useful data and offer stunning innovations, redefining the traditional ways people used to send their parcels from one place to another in the city. 

So, get in touch with white-labeling experts and get your Relay Clone up and running in no time. 

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