Silicone vs. Cloth Bibs: Which is best for Singapore Babies?

When it comes to parenting, every little choice matters. From shopping for essentials to preparing the room furniture, everything becomes exciting and overwhelming at the same time. Babies are the little bundle of happiness that cheers up our dull lives. But at times, they can be messy eaters too which frustrates moms. Among every decision, choosing the best baby bibs Singapore matters a lot. Making the right choice makes a significant impact on your daily life. Silicone and cloth bibs are two popular choices. With each having its own set of pros and cons, making a choice can be hard. In this blog, we will talk about the advantages and drawbacks of both varieties so you can make an informed decision for your little one. So, let’s take a look at what’s the best choice for Singaporean babies. 

Lovingly Signed:

Want to know the best store for shopping for baby bibs Singapore? Lovingly Signed is your place to be. Their Gingham Cotton Bib is a must for your little one. It is the softest and most comfortable thing your baby can ever get. Put an end to spills and messes at mealtimes because this bib is a real game-changer. And do you know you can personalize it as well? Yes, you read it right! Lovingly Signed lets you personalize the bib. So, along with being a practical item, it locks all the timeless memories of mealtime, making it the perfect keepsake. Shop online at Lovingly Signed and make your moments merrier with their exciting gifts.

Silicone Bib: The Contemporary Choice

Silicone bibs are a trendy invention that serves to make lives easier. Created with food-grade silicone, they are highly safe and easy to clean. This bib comprises a round pocket that catches every food crumble and liquid spill to protect your baby’s clothes. 


  • Easy to maintain: Cleaning silicone bibs is a breeze. You can either wipe down the stains or toss them in the sink or dishwasher to get an instant and complete cleaning.
  • Longevity: Don’t doubt the durability of silicone bibs. They last a while and can withstand stains and odors. With promising longevity, they do not wear down quickly. 

Cloth Bibs: A Classical Choice

Cloth bibs have been a staple in moms’ lives for an eternity. No doubt, the fabric of these bibs is incredibly soft and comfortable on the young ones. They are made of cotton or terry cloth. With a variety of designs and colors, they are sure to become an adorable and practical choice. 


  • Environment-friendly: Cloth bibs are an eco-friendly choice. Since they can be reused, they lessen waste as compared to other disposable options. 
  • Comfort: Cloth bibs do not irritate the neckline. They are gentle on the little one’s skin and the most comfortable choice ever. 

Selecting the right bib

Often, parents get confused between silicone and cloth bibs. Both are practical choices but when it comes to picking one, selecting the right bib can be a challenging task. However, when you are making a choice, there are certain factors that you need to keep in mind. 

  • Baby’s age: For infants, silicone bibs make an ideal choice since they can be readily cleaned and prove to be excellent spill catchers. Cloth bibs suit older babies who prefer convenience and comfort over everything.
  • Feeding style: For mess-free meals, silicone bibs are perfect with their spill-catching pockets. Cloth bibs can be a good choice if you are okay with a little mess but can’t compromise on comfort.
  • Style: Silicone bibs include different colors and patterns so you can pick the one that appeals to you. Cloth bibs come in a range of cute designs, providing a classy look.
  • Cleaning and maintenance: Stains on silicone bibs can be easily wiped down. However, cloth bibs require proper washing in a washing machine or even can be hand-washed. 
  • Cost: Silicone bibs can be a lot pricey. But with their durability, you’re not likely to buy a new one in the next month. Cloth bibs are cheaper but need to be replaced after every one or two months.
  • Environment impact: Both the bibs are an eco-friendly choice. Due to the long time span of silicone bibs and the reduction of waste by cloth bibs, both are reusable and safe for the environment.

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Among the both, we personally prefer cloth bibs as they offer timeless comfort. For the best baby bibs Singapore, always consider purchasing from Lovingly Signed. They have an extremely soft and comfy Gingham cloth bib that is an ideal choice for Singaporean parents. Also, it is super easy to clean and catches all those spills that fail to reach the mouth. Get the best cloth bib from Lovingly Signed today!

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