Surprising Facts About Ruby Stone You Didn’t Know

Natural ruby stone’s bright red color has mesmerized people for hundreds of years. Many societies hold these jewels in high regard because they are strongly linked to wealth, power, and love. This stone has collected a lot of admiration due to its beauty. Many secrets are still unrevealed about the original ruby stone, which can surprise you. Let’s get an entry into its world so that you will also learn about this mystical stone.

The Birth of a Gem: Ruby Stone’s Origin 

Ruby stone is a type of corundum, which most people know. However, not many people know about the geological events that created these expensive stones. Metamorphic materials deep in the Earth’s crust go through a lot of extreme heat and pressure, which is what makes rubies. Rhodium, which is found in small amounts, gives rubies their red color. It is interesting that rubies cost more as the shade of red gets deeper. This shade of red is sometimes called “pigeon blood” red. The price of a ruby stone is based on its qualities, features, and origin.

The record-breaking Ruby

The most expensive ruby stone ever sold for an amazing $30.3 million, which broke the record. Sotheby’s held a sale for this breathtaking diamond in 2015. “Sunrise Ruby” was the name given to that which weighed 25.59 carats. This was the record-breaking gemstone that gained fame due to its size, color, and clarity.

Rubies in Ancient Warfare

Rubies have been respected for a long time and are used for more than just jewelry. Warriors in ancient Burma thought that diamonds could make them stronger and last longer than normal. The name for this area now is Myanmar. Some troops thought that by putting rubies under their skin, they could become stronger than humans and immune to harm. Their goal was to get stronger, so they did this. Manik stone is thought to have magical powers that go back a long time, as this custom shows.

The Mystical Star Rubies

One of the most beautiful types of ruby gemstones is the star ruby. These gems show a phenomenon called asterism. In this phenomenon, the light hits the surface of the crystals to make a star-shaped pattern of rays. The presence of rutile particles inside the gem gives it a unique shine. Star sapphires are magical and strong, and their alien-like look makes them even more desirable than regular sapphires.

Ruby Gemstone: A Sign of Everlasting Love

You probably already know that rubies are linked to love and fire. But Manik Ratna has been a sign of love for a long time, and many countries still give them to couples on their 40th wedding anniversary. The deep red color of the original ruby stone, which is thought to represent the heart and blood, strengthens this link with strong, long-lasting love.

The World’s Biggest Ruby

With an amazing 18,696 carats, the 125 West Ruby is the biggest gemstone that has ever been found. This Tanzanian diamond is not only very big, but it is also very high quality.

Ruby in Modern Technology

Even though diamonds have long been linked to love and power, they are now used to make high-tech gadgets. These man-made gems can be used to manufacture watch bearings, lasers, and even medical gadgets. In 1960, the gain medium for the first laser was a man-made ruby stone gem.

In Ruby Legends and Lore

many stories and tales can be heard about Rubies. In old Indian Sanskrit writing, rubies were called “ratnaraj,” which means “king of precious stones.” The Burmese legend is about a huge ruby stone that shines so brightly that it lights up a whole house. People in medieval Europe thought that having this gem would protect them from danger, since the stone’s colour changes when bad things are about to happen.

 Conclusion: The Multifaceted Splendour of Rubies

Manik gems have a past that goes back to when they were formed in the Earth’s crust and how they have been used as symbols of love and conflict. The existence of this precious stone depends on its popularity. This is the reason it attracted me long ago; at present, it has a bright future too. But, surely, its beauty and powers have found their place in this human world. When you see a ruby stone next, know that it’s more than just a stone; it’s a scientific marvel, a piece of history, and a sign of love that lasts forever. For more details, contact the Navratan online gemstone bazaar.

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