Upgrade Your Titan Paint Sprayer with Quality Replacement Parts


When it comes to achieving professional-grade results with your Titan paint sprayer parts, the quality cannot be compromised. The projects of painting deserve best results, and that’s what titan paint sprayers give you. From precision nozzles to durable hoses and reliable triggers, we understand the importance of each element in the painting process. Trust us to provide the essential upgrades your Titan paint sprayer parts deserve, ensuring flawless finishes and a seamless painting experience. In this blog we will share with you different replacement parts for titan paint sprayers with their description.

Titan Paint Sprayers Replacement Parts

There is a huge variety when we start enlisting titan paint sprayer parts. Let’s explore some of these and make you aware about their features as well.

  1. Airless Spray Tips

For successful operation of  airless paint sprayer airless spray tips are very important titan paint sprayer parts.

  • Brilliant Flat Tips

These are made from high quality tungsten carbide and for use with the GM3600 air assisted airless gun. It helps for fine finish applications. The maximum working pressure capacity is 5000 PSI.

  • Line Striping Tips

The line striping tips are specially made for perfect lines. The advantages include less wastage of paint, meet contractor’s expectations, Consistent line width from the first gallon to the last and Uniform film built for the life of the tip.


Airless guns from the huge variety of titan paint sprayer parts is something that meets all your needs, from the repetitive coatings to detailed fine finish work.

  • M-8 Airless Spray Gun

It allows maximum flow rate due to straight line passage for fluid. Its specially angled handle increases the comfort and moreover it has light weight metal construction.

  1. Manifold And Fittings

When someone requires varying angles or extended hose then manifold and fittings from the titan paint sprayer parts are used. 

  • Swivel Unions and Pipe Plugs

These fittings are for multiple purposes. High quality carbon steel is used to manufacture corrosion free swivel unions and pipe plugs.

  1. Prep Tools

Prep tools is among those titan paint sprayer parts i.e. used for removing wallpaper, chipping, and then painting.

  • Steam Master

If you want to remove any type of wall coverings then steam master is the best option, because it is the fastest and easiest way. It features a 2-gallon capacity tank as well as on-board storage facilities. Ideal for wallpaper, even multiple layers as well as popcorn ceilings and textured coatings. Built to last take the tough use of professional and rental use.

  • Pro V75 Heat Gun

It is one of those titan paint sprayer parts i.e. versatile and easy to use. The Pro V75 heat gun has a wide temperature range and multiple fan settings to provide the user flexibility and to use it for a variety of applications including stripping paint, drying paint and spackle, heating shrink tubes, bending pipes and so much more. The kit includes 4 nozzles to help accomplish any project that requires heat. It has a LCD screen with push-button controls for precise temperature and fan settings.

  1. Fluid Suctions

Keep you and your sprayer on the jobsite with a spare fluid section assembly for easy fluid suctions.

  1. Field and Pavement Marking Accessories

Titan has a huge variety of striping accessories to lay down even precise lines.

  • Suretrak Floating Gun Kit

Keeps the gun at the proper height from the surface for perfect lines over rough terrain. It is really versatile as it works great on pavement, different types of grass and turf.

  • Handi Bead Dispenser

Apply glass beads with consistency and accuracy. Eliminates hand tossing glass beads on stop bar or crosswalk applications.

  1. Fine Finish Accessories

For perfect finishing titan paint sprayer parts include fine finish accessories. These accessories give flawless and perfect results.

  1. Plural Component Accessories

It delivers best performance, durability and accurate results.

  • Transfer Pump

To transfer extremely thick fluids, transfer pumps are use. These transfer pumps have two components. One of the parts is an air motor and the second is a fluid pump. These pumps can deliver any kind of material used in spray painting to the outside system. And this happens due to the whole process of suction. 


In the world of professional spray painting, achieving professional level results is necessary and the quality of your tools and replacement parts plays a pivotal role. Titan paint sprayers are renown for their unique performance, and to ensure their best delivery, it is really important to have the best replacement parts.  From precision airless spray tips to versatile specialty airless guns, Titan offers a wide array of replacement components that cater to diverse painting needs. Investing in high quality titan paint sprayer parts is worth investment for the durability and preciseness of your painting projects. So, equip yourself with the best and elevate your painting game with Titan.

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