What To Think About Before Booking Your Ayahuasca Retreat experience

Knowing what you ought to search for in an Ayahuasca retreat can help you have the best experience possible: safe, reputable, authentic, transformative, and, most importantly, the kind of experience that best meets your unique needs.

Treatment and therapies related to sacred medicines have grown significantly during the last ten years. People suffering from treatment-resistant depression, PTSD, and addiction are known to benefit from visiting an ayahuasca retreat center in the USA. There are authorized providers of Ayahuasca treatment at the top luxury retreats. To assist you in selecting the perfect retreat, we’ve compiled a list of the factors you should pay special attention to when looking for the right provider and starting your holy plant medicine journey. 

What Do You Have In Mind: Intentions Matter A Lot!!

Western medicine is significantly different from sacred plant medicine! Ayahuasca and other plant medicines address the underlying causes of apparent symptoms and operate on the heart, psyche, and soul levels. They are not meant to be a temporary solution.

Before beginning a journey using plant medicine, it’s crucial to think about your aims and make sure your expectations are clear.

Do you anticipate, for instance, being able to recover from a particular personal trauma? And do you believe that ayahuasca will provide the only solution? Or do you want to continue using ayahuasca and incorporate it into an established spiritual routine? 

These are good, considerate goals, but you must share them and review your expectations with a skilled facilitator before reserving a spot and paying the fee. It would be best to explore elsewhere for a retreat operator interested in learning about your aims or available to answer questions about your expectations. A trustworthy Ayahuasca retreat provider will make you feel secure and at ease and ensure that your expectations align with the experience’s expectations. 

To put it another way, ayahuasca and other holy plant medicines are not cure-alls, and your objectives must match up with what is reasonable to anticipate from the drugs and the retreat experience if you want to have a joyful, life-altering experience. Knowing that your facilitator is sincerely committed to assisting you in realizing them is also helpful.


The impacts of ayahuasca are “broadly safe,” according to scientific research. Still, if some basic safety measures are not taken, you could endanger your safety. Make sure there is a thorough medical screening procedure when looking into retreat operators. 

You want to be certain that the retreat center is dedicated to weeding out those who, for whatever reason, are unfit to practice sacred medicine. The other retreatants will impact how you experience holy therapy. Therefore, you should ensure the retreat organizer you choose understands this and has a procedure for screening applicants. To find the best ayahuasca retreat, ensure the retreat organizer has policies to help you get ready for the retreat experience. For instance, certain meals must be avoided before consuming ayahuasca, and certain narcotics and pharmaceuticals must be flushed from your system before doing so. 

As you prepare for your retreat, be sure the retreat operator has designated rules for what is needed and is accessible to offer advice and support. Additionally, you should confirm that CPR-trained facilitators will be on hand for the retreat and that the venue will have first aid supplies and an emergency plan. It can be worthwhile to find out if the retreat’s facilitators are familiar with the most common types of injuries that individuals in the region where the retreat is taking place suffer, such as snake and insect bites. Finally, a licensed Ayahuasca retreat provider will likely have everything mentioned above taken care of. So, if in doubt, check their website for license documentation or contact them.

Be Aware Of Your Shaman And Their Tradition

For over two thousand years, Amazonian communities have regarded ayahuasca as a source of enlightenment and healing, and training to become a curandero involves a lifelong apprenticeship. Suppose ayahuasca is to continue to be a safe and effective form of treatment. In that case, it is important to respect, trust, and work together with the traditional knowledge systems of the Amazonian people. Please make sure a respected retreat provider is working with recognized indigenous curanderos by researching them. The retreat might not be secure if it appears they are providing Ayahuasca treatments without indigenous expertise. If unsure, request to see the curanderos’ profiles and images. You may also search online using the curandero’s name to make sure they are real. 

Key Takeaway:

It is ultimately up to you to decide where to go on your sacred medicine journey; however, reading reviews of other people’s experiences at various ayahuasca retreat centers might help soothe your anxieties about the uncharted. 

While selecting the best ayahuasca retreat is more difficult, you should make sure that, in addition to the treatment, they provide the greatest accommodations, security for your privacy, and skilled medical staff. The most crucial thing is that they should approach you holistically and individually. 

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